Stringking – 1X Stringing Kit


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What you get:

1 x Stringking 1X Mesh

4 x Stringking Sidewall Strings

1 x Stringing Bottom String

3 x  Stringking Shooting Lace

2 x Strinkging Shooting Cord

The Mesh:

Type 1X Performance Mesh is characterised by the following features:

  • Semi-hard construction
  • Hardness: 5 out of 10
  • Smoother release
  • More accuracy

Stringking produces uniquely high performance mesh with:

Unrivaled Consistency –  Diamond size and dimensions are strictly controlled, providing 20 times more precision in our mesh versus our competitors. Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same.

All-Weather Performance – StringKing mesh is independently manufactured using advanced non-nylon fibers that are unaffected by rain, snow, mud. No matter what the conditions, your pocket will never bag out.
60-Second Break In – A non-wax resin absorbs deep into the mesh fibers without building up on the surface, creating consistent hardness with a quick break in.
No Pocket Maintenance – Break your pocket in once and it will maintain the same depth and shape no matter how long its used or left unused. Your pocket will never get crusty.

The Sidewall Strings:

Made from non-nylon based materials, Stringking’s sidewalls won’t stretch, shrink or loosen, regardless of weather conditions or how long you use them. Set ‘em and forget ‘em.

A perfect diameter and textured stiffness allow you to string with ease while ensuring your knots stay securely fastened

The Bottom Lace:

Quickly and easily adjust the depth of your pocket using a single, secure knot.

The fluffy softness of Stringking’s bottom strings prevents friction with the mesh while holding it securely in place.

The Shooting Laces:

Engineered specifically to compliment our mesh, Stringking’s shooters guide the ball through the channel of your pocket for unrivaled consistency and accuracy with every release.

Stringking’s buttery soft shooters melt into your pocket, creating a smooth bump in your release that lets you feel the ball as it leaves your stick.

The Shooting Cords:

A tight braid gives Stringking’s shooting cord a thin, hard construction that creates a crisp snap at the end of your release.

Stringking’s shooting cord will not stretch, shrink or loosen over time, ensuring a dependable and consistent release with every throw.


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